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What is the Difference Between a Single-Stage and a Two-Stage Furnace?

Furnaces are available in different sizes and types. It is very important to know which furnace would prove ideal for your house, as the furnace will be responsible for the quality and the temperature of the air at your home. Along with this, it is also important to look at the efficiency and the utility cost of the furnace you choose, as this will directly affect your finances.

The two major types of furnaces are the single-stage furnace and the two-stage furnace. These furnaces are available at the heating service in Tecumseh and can be installed at reasonable charges.

Both of these have their share of benefits and drawbacks, which are as mentioned below –

  1. The Single-Stage Furnace
    The single-stage furnace works at its full capacity, that is, a single power mode on. There is no kind of modulation according to the variation of the temperature. Whenever it is working, it will dispense a maximum amount of output and run at full power. The furnace has a multi-speed motor and is the most costly furnace to heat with compared to the two-stage furnace.The single-stage furnace is relatively cheaper than the two-stage furnace because of its basic and regular design. Buying a single-stage furnace is advisable if your home is small or medium-sized. In this case, it quickly warms up your entire space and provides you with an ideal temperature during the chilly winters.However, a single-stage furnace is not preferred for heating large spaces, as the space is heated up unevenly. The areas near the vents of the single furnace become extremely hot, whereas the spaces away from the vents remain cold, which causes a high variation in temperature throughout the house.
  2. The Two-Stage Furnace
    The two-stage furnace operates more efficiently than the single-stage furnace. It works on 65% of its capacity most of the time, which cuts down your utility expenses. It automatically switches to the second stage providing the heat needed to keep you comfortable. It is a variable speed DC motor and helps to save on energy and provides humidity control.The main benefit of this furnace is that it switches its efficiency according to the temperature of the surroundings, which helps in conserving energy. The only drawback is that the two-stage furnace costs over several hundred dollars and is not affordable if you have a small house.However, they have moderate repair costs, and it is a long time investment and provides comfort for years. The chances of breakdown are quite low; hence maintenance is never an issue.

Therefore you can purchase your ideal furnace from the furnace company in Tecumseh as they provide you the best and good deals and advise you about which furnace is suitable for your home space. So contact the Affordable heating and cooling inc, at (519)-966-9960 for the best prices of single and two-stage furnaces.