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Ductless Replacement Service In Windsor, ON

Ductless Replacement Service In Windsor, LaSalle, Tecumseh, ON and the Surrounding Areas

Three Things That Make Ductless Replacement in Windsor Necessary

Ductless Replacement Service In Windsor, LaSalle, Tecumseh, ON and the Surrounding AreasSo you’re facing a ductless replacement in Windsor or the surrounding area, and you need help fast. Call Affordable Heating and Cooling for the Best Ductless Replacement Service In Windsor, LaSalle, Tecumseh, ON, and the Surrounding Areas.

Affordable Heating and Cooling is there to help you determine if a replacement is absolutely necessary. 

These systems are a fantastic advantage when installing new ductwork that isn’t feasible or is just plain cost-prohibitive. But as with any mechanical system, issues can come up and a replacement may be necessary. Let’s talk about some reasons to replace your system.

When Is Ductless Replacement in Windsor Necessary?

Ductless AC/Heating are two-part systems. One unit is inside your home on the wall, the other is outside and can mount just about anywhere. Problems can originate from either of these two points.

  • Refrigerant/Condenser Leaks: There are two lines that run between the two units. These are the refrigerant line that cools your home and a condenser line which takes the water the unit removes and sends it outside your home. Either of these lines can break. A condenser leak may cause damage to your walls and will erode the stability of the unit, as the area behind the unit deteriorates. A refrigerant leak, if not caught early, will damage the compressor and cause absolute and total failure. A replacement unit will be necessary.
  • Air Handler Breakdown: The cause of this is a failure of the motor, and it requires a replacement. The good news is that when running a multiple unit system, the rest of your units will continue to run. So, go hide out in a nice cool room until we can replace the faulty unit!
  • Skyrocketing Electric Bills: This is a sure sign that a ductless replacement is necessary and that the unit has reached its “best by” date. As the unit ages, it loses its ability to cool or heat effectively. Not to worry, most units age very well. The average life-span is 10-12 years. Several other factors affecting your unit could also cause this such as dust or debris in the filters, parts that need replacement, or a number of other issues. This will be the time to call in a professional HVAC technician for determination.

If you are finding your system is behaving badly, call Affordable Heating and Cooling to determine if ductless replacement in Windsor, and the surrounding area, is appropriate for your system. Remember, this is a case where waiting could end up costing you more! Call us today!

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