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Air Conditioning Service In Windsor, ON

AC Service In Windsor, ON and the Surrounding Areas

Buying an air conditioner isn’t just a matter of convenience nowadays; it’s so much more than that. As much as purchasing an air conditioner is important, servicing a previously installed device is as well. Call Affordable Cooling & Heating for the Best Air Conditioning Service In Windsor, ON, and the Surrounding Areas.

AC Service

A clean, functioning cooling unit helps to make you and your family more comfortable than ever. 

Service of cooling and heating systems is often neglected, risking one’s health, the quality of air, and increased problems of inefficiency. 

An air conditioning service ensures that the components of an AC such as the condenser fan, condenser coils, fins, and filters are cleaned. The oiling of the fan is also a necessary step in air conditioning service.

Stop taking your system and your comfort for granted, and contact Affordable Cooling & Heating to help you out with your air conditioning service needs here in Windsor, Ontario!

Has your AC been serviced recently? Regular AC service can keep your air conditioner cooling your home or business at peak efficiency. At Affordable Heating & Cooling, we offer a variety of air conditioning services performed by highly qualified technicians. We deliver efficient cooling with residential and commercial Air Conditioner service in Windsor, ON, and the surrounding areas.

About Affordable Heating and Cooling

At Affordable Heating and Cooling, we are set in the heart of Windsor, trying to serve anyone and everyone’s comfort needs. We are a licensed, bonded, full-service, and installation company that works hard to provide quality AC Service In Windsor, Ontario, to our customers.

Our certified professionals are fully qualified to give you all the HVAC luxuries you need to get through the sweaty summers & biting colds.

Our owners, Mark Fauteux & Rick Fautex, have a collective experience of over 50 years in residential & commercial HVAC, making them the best in the field. Affordable Heating and cooling has their customer’s requirements and comfort as their priority, and they strive to make the service as best as possible.

Our experienced professionals are the best in all types of servicing along with unmatched customer service. We aim to provide you with the most high-quality, honest workmanship for an affordable price while caring for the environment as well as preserving renewable & non-renewable resources.

Along with Air Conditioning service in Windsor, Ontario, we also provide Air conditioning installation services. We also provide outdoor HVAC units for residential and commercial purposes. We provide our customers with a range of products/services like humidifiers, dehumidifiers, water heaters, garage heaters, and much more!

Our Quality AC Services

Affordable Heating & Cooling has been providing reliable cooling service since. When your air conditioner needs to be serviced, finding technicians that you can trust to perform prompt and responsible maintenance and repairs is important. Performing essential maintenance at least once per year will help your air conditioner run more energy-efficient and ensure it provides cooling for as long as possible. Our certified technicians can also install and replace air conditioners and air handling components like ductwork.

We offer the following AC services:

  • AC Maintenance and Inspection
  • AC Diagnosis and Repair
  • Installation and Replacement
  • Thermostat Replacement
  • Ductwork and Indoor Air Quality
  • 24-hour Emergency AC Service

Trust Affordable Heating & Cooling With Your AC Service

Affordable Heating & Cooling is a local HVAC business that has been delighting customers since 2002. We deliver high-quality AC service to meet your expectations. We use reliable air conditioning parts from top brands in the industry to make sure your air conditioner installation or repair will last longer. Our prices are upfront, and we guarantee you will get the best price possible with no corner-cutting. See how we make your satisfaction our priority on our testimonials page.

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When you need residential or commercial AC service in Windsor, ON, Affordable Heating & Cooling is here to help with reliable service. Our licensed technicians provide high-quality and environmentally friendly air conditioning service. 

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