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What Are Common AC Issues?

When your AC breaks down unexpectedly, it always helps knowing the common AC issues and their causes to help you address them promptly and prevent further damage. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most common AC issues and how you can solve them. If you are a resident in the vicinity and would rather take professional assistance of an air conditioning contractor you can trust, contact our team in Windsor.

At Affordable Heating & Cooling, we have years of experience providing reliable and affordable AC service in Windsor and the surrounding areas. Our highly trained technicians can diagnose and repair any AC issue quickly and efficiently, ensuring your unit is running smoothly again in no time.

Low Or No Cooling

One of the most common AC problems is low or no cooling. This can happen for various reasons, such as a dirty air filter, low refrigerant levels, or a faulty compressor. A dirty air filter can restrict airflow in the system, leading to low cooling. Low refrigerant levels can prevent the system from absorbing heat effectively. A faulty compressor can lead to inadequate cooling and even system failure. If you notice any of these symptoms, calling our professional AC service in Windsor to diagnose the problem is best.

Frozen Coils

Frozen coils are another common AC problem. This happens when the evaporator coil becomes too cold, and ice forms. This can result in low cooling or even no cooling at all. Common causes of frozen coils include low refrigerant levels, a dirty air filter, or a malfunctioning blower motor. If you notice ice buildup on your AC unit, addressing the issue promptly is essential to avoid further damage.

Leaking Ducts

If your AC system is not cooling your home correctly, leaking ducts could be the culprit. Leaking ducts can cause air loss, reducing the system’s overall efficiency. This can lead to poor indoor air quality and higher energy bills. A professional air conditioning contractor in Windsor can inspect your ducts and seal any leaks to prevent further problems.

Faulty Thermostat

Sometimes, the issue may not lie with the actual AC system but with the thermostat. A faulty thermostat can prevent the AC from turning on or off, resulting in poor cooling. This problem can usually be fixed by replacing the thermostat or upgrading to a newer model.

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If you’re experiencing any of these common AC issues or any other problem with your air conditioner, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team is here to help you stay cool and comfortable, and we offer affordable and reliable AC service in Windsor and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment and experience the Affordable Heating & Cooling difference.