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Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner

If you are constantly trying to get your air conditioner fixed, maybe it is time for you to get it replaced. Over time, the performance of an air conditioner decreases as it gets older. Therefore, it is essential to get your AC replaced as soon as possible.

Affordable Heating and Cooling provides you with the most cost-effective and reliable AC replacement services in Windsor. If you are unsure whether to keep or replace your AC unit, here are some signs to look out for in the AC.

  • More Than A Decade Old

Whenever your air conditioner becomes more than a decade old, you should replace it. The performance of an old AC declines as the age progresses. As the age of an AC unit increases, it becomes weak.

It is not always possible to determine the age by counting the years since the purchase. If you haven’t maintained or serviced your AC frequently, the capacity of your AC can fall short within six years. On the other hand, an AC unit that is well maintained can work up to sixteen to eighteen years. Hence, it is essential to get AC services from time to time to prolong the age of the unit.

  • High Costs Of Electricity Bill

If you have noticed a sudden rise in the electricity bill, you must know that it might be your AC that is pulling more energy. As age increases, the efficiency of a unit decreases. To maintain the same efficiency throughout the years, your AC might consume more electricity. However, in the case of a well-maintained AC of the same age, it consumes comparatively less energy. Alarmingly high electricity bills indicate that it is time to replace your air conditioner.

  • Your AC Requires Frequent Repair Work

An old AC will likely require more repairs than a new one, but if your AC unit demands more frequent repair work than usual, you might want to buy a new one. As the efficiency of the AC drops, there can be some damage to the internal parts of your AC.

A well serviced and maintained AC demands less repair work over the year. Sometimes, however, despite getting regular services, ACs require more repair work. If the cost of a new AC is the same as the collective cost of the repairs, replacing one is the best option. If you are looking for good AC service in Windsor, don’t hesitate to call us.

  • Your AC Unit Uses R-22 Freon

If your AC is more than a decade old, it likely uses the R-22 Freon for cooling. R-22 Freon is a refrigerant that is responsible for cooling the air. R-22 Freon is responsible for depleting the ozone layer that acts as a shield to the Earth.

As of January 2020, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declared that the country will not produce R-22 Freon. The government has asked the producers not to use this strong chemical to protect the ozone layer.

Hence, it is essential to replace your AC. Call a professional to help you know whether your AC unit uses this chemical or not. Those were some of the signs to look for before replacing your air conditioner. If you have inconveniences with your AC, contact us for AC repair services in Windsor.