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How To Reset Your Air Conditioner?

Circuit breakers are emergency switches that protect your device by shutting down rapidly if an overload is identified. There are many reasons behind the failure of your AC; the most significant is a tripped circuit breaker. The sudden surge in electrical voltage that follows the loss of power can result in an overload on the circuit of your device.

What Is The Purpose Of Resetting An AC?

Resetting can also help repair the problem of an AC unit that emits warm air even if it is in cold mode. There could be various reasons for your cooling system emitting warm air, but an issue with your thermostat is one of the most common. 

A reset to the original setting of your air conditioner may resolve the issue. If you are still experiencing issues after resetting the AC, contact Affordable Heating & Cooling, Inc., the experts providing excellent air conditioning service in Lasalle.

Method For Resetting Air Conditioning

  • Step 1: The Initial Step Is Turning Off The Device: First, make sure that your thermostat is not on. Next, switch your air cooling off. You can look for an AC system switch for shutting off. According to our experts for AC repair in Lasalle, potential electrical shock or other problems could arise if you fail to follow this step.

  • Step 2: To Find Your Circuit Breaker Box: The next thing to do is locate your circuit breaker box used for an air conditioner. This box is usually found in closets, basements, and crawl spaces in front of a home. When you’ve located it, shut off this switch, which controls the air cooling system.

  • Step 3: Wait Patiently: According to our specialists for air conditioning service in Lasalle, it’s best to wait for 60 seconds after switching it off. Inform people in your home to be aware that you’re resetting breakers before switching off the power. Switch back to the on position after a minute.

  • Step 4: Turn Off The Unit: It allows the unit to reset itself. Reset your thermostat, and switch the air conditioner back on after a full minute has passed.

  • Step 5: Double-Check The System: Once you’ve adjusted your thermostat, ensure the issue has been solved. Adjust your thermostat to the temperature you prefer, and then wait a few minutes. If you can feel the cool air from your vents, you can be sure that your air conditioning is in working condition.

Resetting A Window Ac

As most window air conditioners do not have the option to reset, you’ll have to unplug the unit for a couple of minutes. After reconnecting, reset your window AC unit to begin running.

Bottom Line

If your AC circuit breaker is continually going off, it’s an issue that requires immediate attention. Sometimes it can be caused by the connection being loose or a wire that’s been exposed. Call Affordable Heating & Cooling, Inc. at 519-966-9960 or email us for AC repair in Lasalle. We can easily reset your air conditioners and provide the necessary maintenance services.