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How Often Should AC Be Serviced?

Having an AC installed in your home can save you from the excessive and sometimes unbearable heat of the summer. Maintaining the efficiency of an air conditioning system is a simple, yet important task, all you need to do is call a nearby reliable HVAC contractor, and the contractor will take care of everything. Schedule an AC service in Windsor for the easiest air conditioner maintenance method.

When And How Many Times Does An Air Conditioner Need Servicing?

If you want the best indoor cooling, top air quality, odor-free AC operation, and interrupted airflow during summer, especially when summer reaches its highest temperature, your air conditioner must be clean with high efficiency to fulfill the mentioned purpose. 

An AC service before or during spring helps us achieve maximum AC efficiency during summer. Therefore, AC servicing once in spring makes our summers extremely comfortable. On the other hand, servicing only during spring prepares our AC for the summer, but how can you fix the AC faults and minor issues that occur after summer due to continuous usage? 

You will need to schedule AC service in Windsor again in the fall season to fix its degraded condition. Hence, air conditioner service must be scheduled twice annually, once in the spring and once in the fall. 

The Pros Of Annual Air Conditioner Servicing Are:

  • Best cooling with the least repairs.
  • Pure and clean indoor air.
  • Balanced electricity bills.
  • Long-lasting air conditioner efficiency.
  • A stretched lifespan.

The Air Conditioner Maintenance Plan Makes Things Easier For You

Although AC servicing is not very expensive, it costs around $150 to inspect an air conditioning unit professionally. What if it needs a specialized service or repair after the inspection? What if you need to replace AC parts due to any damage? These additional services can be expensive, but not for those with an AC maintenance plan.

An AC maintenance plan includes discounts on specialized services, components, and accessories. It maintains the schedule of timely servicing and prevents the chances of unexpected AC repair in Lasalle. No DIY can beat the effectiveness of professional AC servicing.

In simple words, an AC maintenance plan is a budget-friendly and time-saving decision for AC maintenance. The annual air conditioner maintenance includes professional cleaning of the entire AC unit, a detailed inspection of air conditioner components, duct line, wiring, etc., repairs of the damaged AC parts, and replacing the broken AC component if required.


Besides annual air conditioner servicing, regular air filter replacement and air conditioning unit cleaning are also essential to keep our air conditioner at its best. Affordable Heating & Cooling Inc. has been serving HVAC owners since 2002. We will be more than happy to help you with your HVAC problems. Request service now and allow us to help you.