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How Long Does It Take To Install A New HVAC System?

Installing a new HVAC system depends on scaling out a lot of factors. It does not consist only of buying the unit and plugging it in. Steps like calculating the required installation space, taking measurements of the unit and house, and installing proper ductwork and ventilation are also necessary. Any step, if carelessly done, can result in future issues with your HVAC unit, which can lead to hefty bills. So, how long does it take to install a new HVAC system? What are the processes involved in it?

Keep on reading to find out the answers to your question!

How Much Time Does HVAC Installation Take?

We could say that it takes up only a day, but considering all the processes combined, it could take up to 3-6 days. This is because HVAC installation requires spacing, measurements of the area it will be installed in, and ductwork installation if it’s the first unit being installed in the house. But, depending on various factors, it could be completed in 1-3 days as well. To know the total time required, you can call Affordable Heating & Cooling. We have an experienced furnace repair Glendale, CA team who’ll be happy to help you!

What are the Factors That Influence the Time for Installation?

Several factors should be considered during the installation of an HVAC unit:

  • Type of Installation: If you are simply replacing your old HVAC system with a new one, it won’t take up much time as the ductwork for the older system can work for the new system. On the other hand, getting a full HVAC installation done along with ductwork and ventilation will take a couple of days more. Additionally, it can involve wiring and rewiring electrical connections for the new HVAC system, taking up more time.
  • Type of HVAC Unit: The type of HVAC unit that is to be installed is also significant in calculating the time required for complete installation. For instance, a mini-duct split system will take up less time in comparison to a central heating or air-conditioning unit.
  • Location of the Unit to be Installed: If you live in a condo or any building with a high roof or ceiling, it might take up more time than required as it involves a crane for lifting the outdoor HVAC units.
  • Size of Your House: If your house is larger than ordinary, then it might take up more time as installing the ductwork will take up more time than required. It also requires calculating the perfect space for installation to cool all rooms.

These are the different factors that significantly affect the time for installation and should be considered before calculating the total time of installation. Also, you should keep a couple of days extra in the calculation for unprecedented events! If you wish to get your own HVAC unit installed, then Affordable Heating & Cooling is the name you should look up! We have the best HVAC installation Los Angeles team and are 24/7 ready to help you! If you wish to connect with us, call us at (519) 966-9960!