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Furnace Installs

There are three different types of furnaces. The furnace that will work best for you and your home is based on a number of factors including heating loads, existing ductwork, insulation, windows, budget, and how long you will live in your current home, etc.

Before you invest in your home contact Affordable Heating and Cooling and have a Comfort Advisor help you evaluate your different options.


  • MODULATING FURNACES: Modulating furnaces are the most efficient gas furnaces today. They adjust automatically between 35% and 100% of total capacity in small increments continuously regulating the amount of fuel burned. Modulating furnaces have modulating gas, center exhaust, and blowers, it is around 97% efficient which makes them the best on energy savings.

Modulating furnaces that are running longer at low heat & speed can keep your home at your comfort level consistently because of them running longer rather than blasting hot air on and off.Furnace Installs

  • 2 STAGE FURNACES: With Variable Speed, 2 stage furnaces operate quieter and more efficiently. 80% of the time in most climates it runs at 65% of its capacity saving you on energy. When needed the furnace kicks into 2nd stage giving you the heat needed to keep you comfortable. With it being a variable speed DC motor it helps to save on energy, it filters your home 24/7 when the fan is left on; it helps with humidity control and is much quieter.Furnace Installs
  • SINGLE STAGE FURNACES: These furnaces only work at high output. They will always dispense the max amount of output. This furnace has a multi-speed motor and is the most costly furnace to heat with when compared to the other 2 options.Furnace Installs

We hope this helps in understanding the different types of furnaces. Remember that no brand is proven to be better than another. The best decision you can make is educating yourself to hire a contractor you trust to install one of the 3 levels of furnaces that fits your needs the best.

Financing is also available.

Furnace Repairs

Affordable Heating and Cooling can also provide repairs on all makes and models of furnaces.

Please visit our Maintenance Packages page for more information on annual service contracts and what you will receive.