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Furnace Installation Process From Start to Finish

If your old furnace has finally given up on working, you have no choice but to purchase and install a new one. Of course, the furnace installation in Tecumseh does not finish in a few minutes, and you may need to spend hours, or maybe days, to ensure that your furnace installation process is successful.

Average Furnace Installation Time


The average time needed for installing a new furnace ranges from four to eight hours. Your installer will take this time if your home is ready for installation, the ducts are clean with no leaks, and the gas line does not need any modification.

However, if your home is not ready for installation, you can extend this time to two to four days as your installer will first attend to the ducts and gas line and then go to your furnace.

Furnace installation is done in three major stages- before the installation begins, during the installation, and after the installation ends. Here is a small guide on the stages involved in the furnace installation process:

  • Before the Installation Begins

The first step in installing a furnace is buying a furnace. You cannot purchase a random furnace for your house and ask your installer to install it. The furnace company in Tecumseh that you choose for your installation will first measure your home and then offer a list of furnaces to choose from.

While buying the furnace, you must ensure that the furnace components like blower fans do not face any problems while working, the airflow is smooth with no restrictions, and the system does not short cycle due to size differences. Buying the right furnace also ensures that your electricity bills remain in control. So, you must choose your furnace wisely.

After finalizing the furnace of your choice, your installer will make the required changes in your house. These changes include modifying the gas line and duct network to suit the specifications of the new furnace and adding electrical lines in the layout for a smart furnace. Depending on the size and time needed for these modifications, your installer will make the required additions to your installation bills.

  • During the installation

Once you give the furnace model to your installer, they will inform you about the steps they will perform to install your furnace flawlessly. Once you approve of the same, they will dismantle the old furnace and discard it to make space for the new furnace. You need not worry about the mess they make; your installer will clean the installation space thoroughly, not creating problems for you.

  • After the Installation Ends

After installation, the furnace installer will inform you how to operate the new furnace, the warranty conditions of the furnace, and tips to maintain its long life. Keep an eye on your new furnace a few weeks after its installations, and contact your furnace company in Tecumseh if you notice problems like noises, short cycling, and water puddles.

Contacting a professional company for furnace installation is necessary to ensure that your furnace works efficiently after installation. The skilled technicians at Affordable Heating and Cooling will install your furnace with no faults and will be with you in all problems. Call us on (519) 966-9960 to learn more about our furnace installation services.