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Annual Furnace Cleaning Step-By-Step

Annual furnace cleaning is not only a guideline it is a need if you want your heating system to keep safe, operational, and consistent all through the winter. During the wintertime, your furnace works very hard to distribute warm air through most of your home. 

How Often Should You Clean your Furnace?

Fortunately, an HVAC company near me offers professional furnace cleaning to remove debris from the furnace, manage equipment maintenance requirements, and check for faults that could lessen your overall system performance. 

Before the heating season begins, you should make such furnace cleaning service calls, ideally in the fall.

Steps For Cleaning a Furnace

For many, seeking help from an HVAC company near me to thoroughly clean the furnace is much more affordable. If you have a system that becomes dirty quickly or if you are attentive and prefer home repairs, you can maintain your furnace on your own. 

Here are some guidelines for cleaning a furnace safely:

  1. Switch Off The Power

Reduce the temperature on your gas furnace to the lowest setting and allow the heating cycle to finish. To stop the fuel source, switch off the power switch and set the pilot light. Next, try to close the primary control valve. Lastly, all you have to do is flip down your electric furnace.

      2.Gather All The Necessary Items

Before you begin, make sure you have all of the necessary items handy. You will need the following items to clean your furnace:

  • Screwdrivers
  • A cloth
  • A vacuum with a brush attached
  • A brush with thick bristles
  • A new filter 
  • Machine oil

       3.Examine Your Furnace Filter

You will find the filter on the electrical panel outside your furnace. The filter is generally located on the front side of most furnaces. Disassemble the front panel with the screwdriver to get access to the filter. After that, you should remove the filter by pulling it up. If it is dirty, you will need to clean or replace your filter.

      4.Inspect The Blower

Start by disconnecting the front panel of your heater. You will have to detach the complete front panel. Also, you may need to disconnect the fan unit from the furnace.

Ensure to photograph the connection so that you can reattach it correctly. When you find the blower assembly, clean it with water and mild soap. Next, clean the blades with a strong bristles brush. Now, vacuum up the remaining debris.

      5.Check The Heat Exchanger

Ensure to use a firm bristles brush for cleaning each chamber. You can use a cloth to clean the debris. Cleaning all compartments with a vacuum helps to remove dirt and debris.

     6.Examine The Flames on The Burner

If you have a gas furnace, inspect the burners to ensure that the flames are bluish and evenly distributed. Yellow flames are typical with dirty burners. 

Although cleaning your furnace may appear to be a simple task, it is necessary to do it correctly. 

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