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7 Easy Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioning System

It may seem impossible for an AC to run efficiently for more than ten years, but it is possible only if your AC is well maintained. The lifespan of an AC can increase with Affordable Heating and Cooling air conditioning services in Lasalle.

Below are some useful and easy-to-follow tips to extend the lifespan of your air conditioner.

7 Ways to Expand The Lifespan Of Your AC

1. Check The Installation Location

Verify whether your AC installation location is free of any issues or not. There should be no obstacle near air vents affecting your air conditioner’s airflow. Also, it is essential to clear bushes, shrubs, etc., near your condenser to prevent the build-up of debris.

2. Frequent Cleaning Is Needed

Keep your AC cleaned. If your AC uses a washable filter, wash the filter once a week. Check the condenser unit, and clean the leaves, dirt, dust, or any other particle accumulated in this unit. Clean the drain lines with a brush and water to prevent blockage.

3. Check The Insulator

Inspect the insulators of your air conditioner. Install an extra insulator on walls to prevent damage or any power supply-related issues. If you found the installation to be rotten, get it replaced as soon as possible. When installing new insulation, ensure it fits well and covers the whole wiring.

4. AC Filter Replacement

Replace your AC filter every month, especially when you have pets. A dirty filter reduces the lifespan of your air conditioner and affects your health. If you do not replace a clogged AC filter, it will cause the problem of leakage.

Leakage is the prominent reason for the decrease in the lifespan of AC. Inspect the air duct and whole AC unit carefully. The foul smells or bubbling noise indicate leakage

5. Allow Your AC To Take A Rest

A constantly running AC will increase energy consumption and decrease your AC’s lifespan. If your AC has an ‘Auto’ feature on the fan, switch to this feature. With this feature, the fan will run only when cooling is needed.

6. Switch To A Smart Thermostat

If you are about to replace your thermostat, install a smart thermostat. You can use the timer feature with a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat will turn your AC off at night after reaching the required cooling level.

7. Schedule A Tune-Up

Schedule tune-up service for your AC every year. Especially when summer is near, an AC tune-up will let you know if your AC has any problem. You can get it fixed on time and use it efficiently for a longer duration.

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