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6 Tips On Why Your Furnace Always Sounds So Loud

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When most mechanical devices work, they create some noise. Furnaces are no exception, but a properly running furnace should not produce excessive noise. Today’s furnaces are designed to run as silently as possible, so if you hear any unusual ear-shattering noises, there’s a problem.

Six Tips On Your Furnace Sounding So Loud

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Below are several typical reasons your appliance produces so much noise.

  • Loose Parts: A loose part can make a lot of noise. The furnace blower is an air compressor that circulates hot air throughout the system. A loose component, such as a belt or bolts, might cause the blower to shake and howl.
    Fix: Check all belts for damage or wear and replace any damaged or worn-out parts. Inspect the fans and vents too for loose screws and tighten them as needed. You can also contact our experts for all the repairs and to replace the loose parts.
  • Cracked Heat Exchanger: Cracked heat exchangers are common in old furnaces, causing all rattling sounds. If you hear rattling immediately after turning on your furnace, it’s most likely the sound of metal coils expanding.
    Fix: You should get the rattling sound inspected by our furnace maintenance expert in Windsor with a careful eye on the heat exchanger. If your heat exchanger turns out to be damaged, replacing your older furnace can be the best course of action. 
  • Faulty Furnace Belt: A loose belt is common, but the problem could lie deeper within your blower motor.
    Fix: To tighten the fan belt, loosen the motor adjustment screws and pull the motor away from the blower pulley.
  • Knocking Fan: One of the causes of knocking sounds in a furnace is a problem with the fan. For example, if the blower fan gets misaligned, the blades may collide with the furnace’s walls or other components. Another reason for a clunking or knocking noise in a furnace could be a broken or split fan belt that collides with other materials as it revolves.
    Fix: If your furnace sounds clunky at any moment, switch it off and get a specialist to inspect it.
  • Heat Pump Loud Vibration: When everything is working properly, your heat pump should be quiet. If the heat pump starts making loud noises like humming or vibrating, there are things you can do to resolve the issue.
    Fix: An uneven surface is frequently the source of loud vibration noise. Consider putting a rubber cushion beneath the heat pump to attenuate sound and create a more level surface. Vibrations can also occur when screws or other parts in the heat pump become loose.
  • Furnace Fan Requiring Adjustment: Your furnace should be set to the appropriate speed for your home once installed. If your furnace blower howls when set to medium, reduce the speed to see if it helps.
    Fix: It is preferable to gradually increase or decrease the speed of your furnace as you use it. You can also contact our  furnace installation service experts in Lasalle to avoid dealing with such issues on your own.

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