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4 Tips To Prepare Your HVAC For Stormy Weather

Storms bring more than just wind and rain. They also cause power outages, so you might be unable to use your air conditioner or other electronics to relax. Damage to your HVAC system from a storm can cause long-term problems, so it’s important to fix them immediately.

Damage from storms often means expensive repairs and a shorter useful life. So, if the weather report calls for heavy rain, strong winds, lightning, or thunder, ensure your air conditioner is well protected. A checklist for basic preparations for hurricane season may already be in place if you reside in a region with a high risk of hurricanes.

Tips For Preparing Your air conditioner For Unpredictable Stormy Weather

  • Install a Surge Protector :Lightning can damage HVAC systems and other electronics during a storm. A surge protector will safeguard your HVAC unit from damage. Due to their unpredictability, any surge could destroy your circuit boards. Power surges can cause abrupt failure or gradual deterioration. The inner mechanisms of the unit will be damaged. A surge protector protects your AC.

  • Get Your System Tuned Up : Having a professional check your home’s HVAC system is the best thing you can do to prepare it for any season. If there are any minor problems, the HVAC companies in Windsor will find them and fix them before a storm can make them worse.

  • Shut Down The System : People don’t even think about this safety measure during storm season, but turning off your HVAC system before a storm is the best way to keep it from getting damaged. If you forget to turn it off before a storm and your house floods with two feet of water, you will ruin the electrical panels in your HVAC unit. Turn off your HVAC system and unplug all your appliances and electronics to make it even safer.

  • Safeguard The Outdoor Unit : When it’s windy and raining, things often get tossed around. Please secure anything that isn’t fixed to the ground, or try to find room in a storage unit. AC units can be damaged by things that are in the air.

Damage Caused By The Storm

Winds can blow loose objects into your outdoor air conditioning unit during a storm. It can stress your air conditioner’s moving parts, so if you hear noises like this, make sure to call a technician to clean your unit. Also, if water is pooling around your unit, turn it off at the circuit breaker to avoid getting a shock.

If your air conditioner isn’t blowing out as much cool air, the lines that carry the coolant may have been damaged by the wind. If this is the case, you should turn off the HVAC system and let a professional fix the problem.

Call In The Experts

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