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4 Red Flags to Look Out For in Your Old Furnace

The cold weather is already lingering around the corner, and it is probably the ideal time to ensure that your house is ready to battle the approaching winters. Sound heating systems are friendly saviors during the winters, and we can hardly ever deny that. But are you sure your furnace is working the way it should?

Sometimes running outdated furnaces could be harmful as your outdated and old furnace compromises the indoor air quality on the pretext of keeping your indoors heated and paves the way for several breathing issues right under your nose. It is always advisable to ensure regular check-ups for your furnaces and heating units, especially keeping in mind the approaching winters.

Still, wondering why you should consider servicing your furnace at the earliest?

Here are Four Critical Reasons That Make Repairing and Servicing Your Furnace an Ideal Decision!


  • Toxic Gas Circulation
    Your outdated furnace brings with it a critical concern of emitting carbon monoxide gas in case the furnace isn’t repaired and serviced regularly. Emission of carbon monoxide gas brings along several concerning health issues such as headaches and loss of consciousness and attracts several critical issues such as heart and brain damage in case of prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide. Old furnace systems work while compromising efficiency to function, leading to an undetected carbon monoxide circulation, making it a major red flag.

  • Lack of Adequate Heating
    The compromised efficacy of the heating ability of the furnace deprives your indoors of the heating and insulation necessary during the cold weather. The moisture and humidity control mechanism is compromised in outdated furnaces, leading to a lack of adequate system functioning when necessary.

  • Increased Dirt
    The build-up of dirt and the unwanted residue is a critical element that negatively impacts the ability to deliver optimal heating performance. Thinking about air filters? Well, they help, but only to an extent, as at some point, the ability of the air filter is overpowered by the considerable build-up of dust and dirt in the vents that lead to the air ducts if not detected and cleaned regularly.

  • Damage to Air Ducts
    Air ducts are an integral part of all your critical HVAC systems and work as the backbone for your indoor heating systems. Your outdated furnaces may cause critical damage to your air ducts if accumulated dirt and residue are not cleaned regularly, leading to compromised air quality even if you replace your outdated furnace. It is always advisable to ensure regular cleaning of your air ducts and timely servicing of your furnace.


Ensuring regular servicing and timely repairs for your furnace and heating systems is always advisable to ensure that you avoid paying hefty bills and the possible added medical bills for breathing issues without even getting the heating experience you want.

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