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What Is The Average Cost To Replace A Furnace?

Furnace plays a vital part in your home. It keeps your home warm and cozy by maintaining proper air circulation. But after a certain period, your furnace might get worn out and start malfunctioning. Instead of spending on the repairs and maintenance of the furnace, the best decision is to replace it with a new one.

The technicians at the furnace maintenance in Tecumseh, guide you properly and help you to decide whether or not you should replace your furnace.

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Furnace

1. Constant Breakdowns
If your furnace needs constant repairs and servicing, it is time to note that you need a new furnace to be installed. Reckless expenditure on the maintenance of your worn-out furnace is not advisable. The cost of getting a new furnace installed will be surely less than the cost of constant repairs on your old furnace.

2. Increasing Utility Bills
If you have an electric furnace, it is highly important to keep a check on the electricity bills. Any kind of rise in the bills might be due to the worn-out furnace. It is estimated that if the furnace at your place has not been upgraded in 10-15 years it might lead to a 30% increase in the utility bills. Therefore replacing it with a new furnace cuts down the extra monthly expenditure, as the utility bills are reduced by a considerable extent.

3. Reduced Efficiency
The efficiency of the furnace reduces considerably after a long period. At a point, if you notice that the flame of the burner in the furnace is turning yellow instead of blue, it is time to understand that the furnace is not operating at its maximum efficiency and there is an urgent need to replace it.

The Cost of Replacing the Furnace

Several factors will affect the cost of the furnace. The factors include the size of your home, the area where it will be installed, the type of furnace you require, and the number of people staying at home.

The types of furnaces which can be installed are as follows –

  • Modulating Furnace
    These are the most efficient gas furnaces in recent times. They adjust automatically between 35% and 100% of the total capacity. The purchase and the installation cost you about $5000-$7500.
  • Two-Stage Furnace
    A two-stage furnace operates more efficiently than any other furnace. It runs at 65% of its capacity most of the time, which cuts down the energy charges. When needed the furnace goes into the second stage giving the kind of heat which is required to keep the home warm and cozy. The purchase along with the installation can cost you about $2000-$4500.
  • Single-Stage Furnace
    This furnace is cheaper when compared to the above two furnaces but the maintenance charges get higher as it always works at a maximum amount of output. It costs you about $2000-$3500 including purchase and installation.

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