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How Often and When Should You Get Your Gas Furnace Serviced?

As time passes and the temperatures start to dip, it is time to prepare your furnace system because the winter season has arrived. If you haven’t scheduled furnace service in Windsor yet, it is best to schedule it by the end of the fall if you wish to enjoy uninterrupted and efficient service by your furnace system.

Common Furnace Problems That Result Due To Lack Of Maintenance

Some common problems that you might face:

  • Yellow Pilot Light: If you are a regular gas furnace user, you will know one can identify the furnace as healthy when the pilot light is blue. However, you should contact our expert if the pilot light is yellow or orange, as it can indicate carbon monoxide buildup inside the system.
  • Malfunctioning Thermostat: The thermostat is responsible for maintaining equal heat across your house. You will find several cold spots in your rooms when this part malfunctions. A thermostat can malfunction if there is any dirt buildup in the system or the wiring connecting it to the furnace becomes loose.
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  • Clogged Furnace Filters: Our experts advise house owners to replace the filters every 90 days. When this basic maintenance is ignored, the furnace can even stop working.
  • Gas Leakage: A gas leak problem is quite common among homeowners. When you do not service your system adequately, the gas line develops small holes from where the gas can leak.

Top Benefits Of Having Your Furnace System Serviced!

Our HVAC experts advise opting for twice-a-year furnace service for better and more efficient operational capacity of the system – one before the winter starts and another after the season ends. Here are some benefits:

  • Lesser Breakdowns: When you resort to the systematic furnace maintenance service in Windsor, you will notice your heating system faces lesser problems during its operation. It happens because the technicians will take care of the problems then and there.
  • Increased Lifespan: The lifespan of a heating system increases when you opt for regular maintenance service. Your furnace can last for about 20 years with adequate maintenance service. It happens because maintenance work ensures the furnace parts are lubricated and face no obstruction during operation.
  • Reduced Energy Bills: Sometimes, the furnace system can consume more electricity than required to achieve the desired temperature. It can be due to worn down, broken, or loosened parts. However, you can prevent the sudden increase in electricity bills by maintaining the furnace system annually.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: When your gas furnace goes through good maintenance work, its parts will be inspected, repaired, or replaced by technicians. Moreover, our technician upgrades the furnace settings and lubricates the mechanical components, like a blower belt, for smooth running.
    This way, the furnace can provide adequate heat to maintain comfort in your home and run optimally to save electricity bills.


It is best to choose an expert furnace repair service in Windsor towards the end of the fall to ensure your system doesn’t face any problems during winter. Contact Affordable Heating & Cooling, Inc if you are looking for an affordable and professional furnace service. 
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