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How Do You Reset An Air Conditioning Unit?

The worst thing that could happen to you during the summer is a broken air conditioning system. Of course, this occurs more frequently when the weather outside is warm. It is never as bad as when it breaks down, and you discover that you are not financially prepared for such a large emergency. You may feel frustrated and powerless due to the sudden change in atmosphere that you and your family may encounter in your home. If the problem does not result from any damage to the AC components, you can immediately reset your system and restore normal AC service in Windsor Operation

1. Is There a Need to Reset your AC Unit?

The simplest way to restart your air conditioning system and restore its services is to reset it. The following are several methods you could use to get your system up and running quickly:

Spot and Press the Reset Button

Most air conditioning units now include a reset button. If you’re unsure where to look, consult the system manually or Heating and Cooling’s expert technicians.

Turn Off the Air Conditioner With a Thermostat

No air conditioning processes are active when the air conditioner is turned off. As a result, all processes halt, and all components are realigned for a future booting or startup process.

Resetting the Air Conditioner Breaker

Upon turning off the air conditioner via the thermostat, the breaker in the central circuit breaker unit must be reset. This effectively relieves the system of any current flowing into the air conditioner and resets the air conditioner’s programming. Wait approximately 30 minutes after this process before proceeding to the next step.

Switch On the Thermostat And Adjust it to Cool Mode

Now is the time to restart the system. However, set the thermostat to cool and make sure it is about 5 degrees cooler than the room temperature.

2. AC with No Reset Button

HVAC homeowners who possess AC with no AC reset button can manually reset it. However, getting the air conditioner back up and running will take longer.
You can also try the steps below to reset the AC unit.

Turn Off the Power Supply

Locate and turn off the 240-volt circuit connected to your air conditioner. This will turn off the power to your AC unit. Unplug the AC unit from the main electrical panel to ensure that it is completely off the grid.

Wait 30 Minutes

Before handling the air conditioning unit, unplug it for 20-30 minutes to allow all charges to dissipate. That time is also long enough for the entire AC system to reset. You can then reconnect the AC repair in Windsor to the power grid.

Turn On the 240-Volt Circuit

After 30 minutes and reconnecting the AC unit:

  1. Turn on the 240-volt circuit to allow current flow.
  2. Turn on the plug to power the AC system.
  3. Make sure the unit is set to ‘cool’ before turning the power on.


You can quickly get your air conditioner unit back to work now that you know how to reset air conditioner units. Try out all of the suggestions and ideas in this guide. However, if you find yourself frequently resetting the AC unit, contact Affordable Heating & Cooling Inc.. to determine the source of the problem. That way, you’ll completely solve the problem.