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Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

In summers, your AC unit is working all time. Constant use can cause some problems. Some problems are severe and hard to notice. One of the most common problems and easy to check is leaking water. Water leaks can happen due to various reasons. In this blog, there are some common reasons mentioned who cause water leaks.

How and why your AC unit forms water leak

The modern air conditioner unit has both indoor and outdoor units. The Evaporator Unit is situated in an indoor unit that cools the warm air when it blows over to make a comfortable and pleasant indoor temperature. As warm air flows over the coil, condensation is formed. For example, pour some cold water into a glass, see the water droplets forming outside the glass? That’s what happens. Moisture from and drips into the drain pan. This water leads outside the home, so no issues with this. There are water leaks that will be inside the room. Let’s read why this happens.

  1. Blocked drain line
    If the drain lines are blocked due to dirt or dust, the water will not flow through those blocked lines. The condensation will cause the water to push back and leak into your room.
    One solution is to get those drain lines cleaned. Remove the debris and dirt. It will free the drain line and allow space for water to flow.If the problem is not solved, do call the HVAC contractor for repair.

  2. The AC unit is low on refrigerant.
    If the volume of the refrigerant decreases, the pressure inside of the AC system also decreases. It also grounds the evaporator coil to freeze. Later if you notice your Ac unit is blowing no cool air and making strange noises, check refrigerant levels.
    This sound and not blowing cool air is a sign of a refrigerant leak. Have your HVAC contractor inspect the system and repair the leak.

  3. Dirty air filters
    The first vital thing you should know when buying an air conditioner unit is that you have to change the air filters every 30 days. If you fail to do so, it will get filled with dirt, dust, and airborne dust in your home.
    A dirty air filter will make sure the system is slow. The blockage will cause the freezing of the evaporator coil. As the frozen coil melts, the water will overflow. To avoid such water leaks, make sure you get your air filters to change from time to time.

Another reason that may cause a water leak

If your AC unit is old and has a rusted or damaged drain pan, it will lead to a water leak. A unit lives for 12-15 years. You can change the drain pan to avoid damage. Another cause of water leak is damaged condensate pump.

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