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What is Cost To Maintain Your Furnace?

Calling your technician for furnace maintenance in Tecumseh at least once a year is necessary to keep your furnace in its best working condition. However, before contacting your technician for maintenance, you should know certain things about maintenance to be an aware furnace owner.

As a furnace owner, you should know how much you need to pay for a maintenance schedule and the factors on which this price depends. This knowledge helps you protect yourself from fraud and fake technicians.

Average Furnace Maintenance Cost


If you contact your technician for furnace service in Tecumseh, you can expect a bill ranging from $60 to $160. If you have any coupons or discount offers in hand, you can expect a lower price from your HVAC contractor. Many furnace owners find companies that offer discounts for furnace maintenance if they are their regular customers. However, this wide range is due to the different factors that affect the final rate. Here are those factors:

  • Type of Service

Many companies offer maintenance services, like general, regular, quick, advanced, and other types of maintenance services. Depending on which type you choose, you will have to pay accordingly.

  • Season

Many HVAC companies decrease their maintenance prices during the off-season months. You can take advantage of this and contact them during the off-season months for a lower price.

  • More Appliances

Your HVAC company may offer discounts if you service your cooling appliances along with your furnace because of lesser travel time.

  • Type of Model

If you have a furnace model too modern for your HVAC company, you may have to give them a few extra dollars to check it out. Ensure to contact the HVAC company that provides furnace maintenance in Tecumseh with the right knowledge of the latest models to save money.

  • Furnace Place

If you installed your furnace in a place difficult to reach, like the attic, your technician might ask for more money in exchange for cleaning the furnace deeply.

  • Competition

If you have tens of HVAC companies providing furnace service in your area, you can expect a lower price due to the competition amongst the companies.

  • Service Plans

Many HVAC companies offer two-year or five-year plans to their customers that involve services like maintenance, repair, and service at a significantly lower price. You can purchase such plans to save some money.

  • Last Maintenance Schedule

If you contact your technician for regular furnace services in Tecumseh, they will not have to do extra work on it. But if your technician has to work for hours more than average on your furnace maintenance due to improper maintenance schedules, you can expect a bigger bill.

After reading all this, you can estimate that you may have to pay handsomely to the HVAC company you contact for your furnace maintenance schedule. But don’t worry. Affordable Heating and Cooling is here to provide you with the best furnace maintenance services at the best price. Give us a call at (519) 966-9960 to learn more about our services.