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What Are The Most Important Things To Remember About Using An Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner is an electronic refrigerant with many parts and functions designed to make your home comfortable. But when it starts significantly increasing your energy bills, it’s time to start looking for simple solutions to avoid future mistakes and overspending.

Like many other homeowners, you may be concerned about the costs associated with maintenance and air conditioning service in Windsor from a professional.

Important Things You Should Know About Air Conditioners

ACs’ popularity has also increased public awareness of them. Here is a list of the top five things you need to know about air conditioners.

  • Avoid Setting The Thermostat To A Low Temperature:

When the temperature is set to low, it is understood that the air conditioner will provide better cooling. That, however, is not the case. The optimum temperature for the human body is 24 degrees. Any AC will require less load than the lowest temperature setting to achieve that target.

  • Ducts Matter:

Another reason systems may appear to be producing insufficient cold air is duct leakage. If the ducts pass outside the cooled space, duct leakage can drain 20 to 40% of the energy from even the most efficient air conditioner. Outside ducts must be well insulated. Several products are available specifically for insulating ducts installed by our professional AC service in Windsor.

  • The Remote Control Doesn’t Turn Off The Air Conditioner:

Most of us want our air conditioner to start cooling as soon as we press the button on the remote. Many people accomplish this by simply turning off the appliance from a remote control rather than the source. This results in electricity waste as ‘idle load,’ as the compressed air is left to idle to restart instantly whenever the AC is turned on.

  • Keep The Air Conditioner Out Of Direct Sunlight:

Although the air conditioner’s job is to keep your room cool, keeping the appliance cool can assist it in performing more efficiently. Keeping your AC out of direct sunlight or in the shade helps to avoid excessive heat and makes it easier for the AC to cool. If the air conditioner is already extremely hot when you turn it on, it may take much longer to cool the room.

  • Use a Ceiling Fan On A Low Setting:

While the air conditioner is running, turn on the ceiling fan at a low or moderate speed to help cool the room quickly. Once your air conditioner is set to the optimal temperature, turn on the fan to increase the cold air throw. It is important to note that using ceiling fans at high speeds while the AC is running can be counterproductive, as it may take longer to cool the room than necessary.

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