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Tips On What Should You Look For When Buying A Furnace

If you are moving into a new house or replacing your old furnace, you need expert advice. Choosing the best heating system out of all the available options is best if you hire a professional who can guide you.  Contact Affordable Heating & Cooling  for furnace repair service in Windsor when needed.

Essential Tips You Should Follow Before Investing In A Furnace

  • The Fuel Source Of The Furnace: Out of the four fuel sources for furnaces, you can choose what suits your system the best.
  1. Electric Furnace: An electric furnace is the most affordable to purchase, with easier installation and maintenance, but expensive in terms of electricity bills. It functions with a heat exchanger, where cold air is pulled in, heated, and pushed out through the ductwork.

  2. Natural Gas Furnace: It has a higher purchasing cost than electric furnaces. If you have a natural gas pipeline, you can install this system to ignite the burner and heat your home. However, be careful of the flue and check the exhaust for harmful gases.

  3. Oil Furnace: It functions the same as the natural gas furnace. The oil is sprayed onto the burner to heat the air. These are better than gas furnaces and heat more quickly.

  4. Propane Furnace: A propane furnace does not require a flue and works the same as a gas furnace but with higher efficiency and fewer chances of harming you.  
  • Cost And Efficiency: Before choosing between single and multi-stage heat furnaces, you should know your environment. If the weather seems unstable, you can pick a modulating furnace to adjust the flame size and provide precise heating. Also, consider your budget first. If you have a small building, a single-stage furnace is sufficient, while for large buildings, buy multi-stage furnaces.

  • Thermostat Efficiency: Installing a programmable thermostat will save hundreds on your energy bills while maintaining the efficiency of your system, as you can adjust the temperature and reduce its workload by operating it from your phone.

  • Need For Zoning Systems: If your thermostat is located at one corner of the house, you might experience hot and cold spots. Therefore, ask your HVAC contractor to install a zoning system that divides your house into separate zones and maintains the right temperature.

  • Supporting Ducts And Vents: Ducts with blocks and leaks can damage your heating system and reduce efficiency. It is necessary to install new vents, ductwork, and humidifiers as per the HVAC technician’s advice to work efficiently.

  • AFUE Rating: The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating indicates your electricity expenses. The higher the AFUE rating, the lesser you will spend on fuel. 

  • Required Maintenance: After installation, you must schedule annual service and tune-up to maintain your device at peak efficiency. It is the easiest way to increase your furnace’s lifespan. 

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