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The Right Size Furnace For a 1500 sq ft House

Furnaces are complex HVAC systems that blow and distribute warm air throughout the house. Like all HVAC units, the size of your furnace also depends on the size of your house. It’s pretty common to see homeowners with a 1500 sq ft house. So, the question often arises: What size furnace do I need for a 1500 sq ft home?

Thus, it is ideal to contact a professional furnace installation in Tecumseh, as they suggest the right size according to your house. Before jumping right onto the answers, let’s understand the importance of a correctly sized furnace.

Why is the Right Size of the Furnace Important?

Furnaces, like most HVAC systems, are quite of an investment. Apart from ensuring long-term comfort, we also seek long-term cost-effectiveness. An undersized or oversized unit is bound to cause troubles and frequent HVAC repairs near me.

For instance, if the furnace you install is too small for your house, it will run continuously. Along with consuming so much energy, the unit will wear out soon. In addition, you might often experience cold spots throughout your home and never achieve the right temperature. On the contrary, if the furnace is too large according to the house, It will switch on and off frequently, known as short cycling. Short cycling also wears out the system early due to unnecessary strain.

Nevertheless, if you need to choose between a slightly oversized or undersized furnace, go for the larger one. Most expert furnace services in Tecumseh recommend that It’s better to choose a furnace capable of serving the purpose. Although it is bound to wear out earlier than a right-size furnace, it will provide the warmth you need. While, on the other hand, an undersized furnace isn’t capable of maintaining the temperature comfort you are seeking.

Calculating The Furnace Size

Although many factors might influence the right-sized furnace, your home’s size is the primary factor. BTU is a standard measurement unit of a furnace’s heat output to calculate the right size furnace.

Let’s take an example of a typical 1500 square feet home. Generally, you will require 25-30 BTU per square foot in warmer regions like California. So, a 1500 sq feet with 25 BTU energy requirements needs a 37,500 BTU furnace. If you live in colder areas of California, you can prefer calculating with 30 BTUs. That gives us an overall furnace size of 45,000 BTU.

However, the same calculation won’t apply to colder regions like Tecumseh. You will need a more powerful furnace to beat the harsher temperatures. For example, you could need 45 BTU per square foot, or even more, giving an overall furnace size of 45*1500 = 67,500 BTU.

While this was a standard method to calculate the furnace size, look at other factors that affect your ideal furnace size.

  • Homes with many windows
  • Old and outdated insulation
  • Number of rooms
  • Climate

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