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Should You Turn Your Heat Down When You’re Not Home?

The long-run cost savings from turning down your thermostat could be much greater than the inconvenience of coming home to a bitter cold house. However, the opposite can happen when it is turned down too much or completely off. 

The Benefits Of Keeping The Heat On

A major reason to lower but not turn off the heat is to prevent frozen pipes. The warm air inside your home protects your plumbing from freezing. If your furnace is turned off and your pipes freeze, they will likely burst and flood your home when they melt. 

Additionally, it is important to keep the heat running while you are away from home for your pets’ comfort. If you leave them at home, the temperatures should not be too cold for your dog or cat.

Choosing The Right Thermostat Settings

It is universally recommended that you keep your thermostat at 55 degrees or higher all year. Frozen pipes can occur at any temperature lower than this. Set the thermostat four degrees lower than usual if your pet stays home while you are gone away from home for more than just one day. 

While on vacation, leave the thermostat at 66 degrees if you usually set it to 70 degrees in the winter. It will result in some energy savings without any risks. 

You Should Set Your Thermostat Properly

You might sometimes select the wrong setting when you rush to leave the house. A programmable thermostat allows you to create pre-set schedules that automatically lower or raise temperatures based on the time of day. 

If you leave for work every morning at 8 AM, you can program your thermostat to come down from 72 degrees to 64 degrees. When you get home, say at 5:30 PM, your home will already be at a comfortable temperature because you can set it to automatically raise the temperature back to 72 degrees at 5 PM.

Your programmable thermostat may allow you to set different schedules depending on the make and model. You can connect with a furnace service provider in LaSalle to get a programmable thermostat installed.

Cost-Saving Tips For Heating

  • You can use natural heat sources like the sun to heat your home. Allow light into your home by opening the curtains. 
  • Make sure you dress warmly for the cold weather. Put on more layers or snuggle under a warm blanket instead of turning up the thermostat.
  • Maintain your heating system by hiring a furnace repair service in LaSalle. You can save a lot on energy expenses by keeping your heating system at peak performance.

To Sum Up

If you’ve been having issues with your heating system lately, you don’t want it to malfunction while you’re away, possibly lowering the indoor temperature below the recommended level of safety. Schedule furnace maintenance or repair before you leave to prevent any problems during your absence.

You can reach Affordable Heating & Cooling Inc. at (519) 966-9960 to schedule services for furnace repairs in Windsor, Lasalle, Elmstead, and other surrounding areas.