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Should You Replace Your Furnace Before It Breaks?

During autumn, before the arrival of winter, it is the right time to check your heating system for possible damage and consider repair and replacement. Every furnace is different, and without a complete inspection by a professional, it will be difficult to determine the right solution. Contact Affordable Heating & Cooling, the most trusted furnace company in Windsor for assistance.

Signs That Indicate That Your Furnace Needs Replacement

With winter approaching, there is no time to waste. To ensure your family’s comfort, do not ignore the early signs of breakdown. Call your HVAC contractor and decide if it is time to upgrade your furnace.

  • Age Of The Furnace: Like every other appliance, as your furnace approaches the end of its years, it starts malfunctioning. Know that a gas furnace can run for a maximum of 15 to 20 years with professional maintenance. Start looking for a replacement after 12 years of installation. You can prolong the lifespan with constant services, but after one point, replacement is inevitable.

  • Unstable Temperature: One sign that you need furnace replacement is the change in temperature around your home. You would start noticing hot and cold spots, temperature fluctuations, and reduced efficiency. It is a clear sign that you need a consultation with an expert about a possible replacement.

  • Spiked Energy Bills: With increasing age, your furnace becomes inefficient in distributing heat evenly around your home, which results in a spike in your energy bills. A ten-year-old furnace will start wearing down with increasing repair costs. On top of that, if your energy bills are not lessening, maybe replacement is a better option.

  • Yellow Furnace Flame: The blue furnace flames are indicators of complete combustion and no presence of poisonous gases. If the flame turns yellow, there is a possible gas leak and improper combustion producing carbon monoxide. Don’t ignore these situations and call a technician immediately. 

  • Noises From Furnace: Common noises, such as rattling, popping, banging, screeching, and booming, are indications of furnace malfunctions. There might be serious issues with your flame, blower motor, thermostat, leaking ducts, ignitor, or severe gas leakage. Sometimes burning or gaseous odors are also present, indicating the need for furnace replacement.

  • Frequent And Expensive Repairs: When repairs surpass the cost of replacements, you need furnace replacement. Know that when the heating systems reach around 70% of the lifespan, the repair costs tend to reach $5000. At this point, replacement is the only option.

Reasons To Buy A New Furnace

A new furnace comes with better technology and higher efficiency than your previous device. It will cut down your electricity bills. Ask your HVAC contractor to find a compatible upgrade and sustainable technology for increased comfort and quality.


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