24 Hour Emergency Service


Theresa S.

We had a system installed in April 2019 and the company and their crew were amazing. We got a new furnace, a/c and tankless water heater.

Heather T.

No problems!

Stephen B.

Purchased a home in Windsor with an older furnace and air conditioner that were said to be in working order. Less than 24 hours after receiving my keys, I got the dreaded news that the air conditioner wasn’t working and was given options to fix or replace. Based on the cost to fix vs. replace, I opted for replacement. Within a few days, I had Cory and Dave (and another individual that I didn’t get his name) here removing the old furnace and air conditioner and replacing it. It turned into a humid day in August so I was thankful they had finished the air conditioner before returning to fix the remaining duct/vents for the furnace the next day. I stepped out for a few hours and came home to the arctic – the new cooling system was working flawlessly. Can’t complain about not getting the $250 off (installed on the 27th of August) as the team went above and beyond by fixing a few other smaller issues that were noticed during the inspection of the furnace/air conditioner and installing an ecobee thermostat. Many thanks for turning a sour first 24 hours into something that added value to my home. Thank you again for your quick visit, quick installation, and for answering all my questions!

Gary F.

My furnace decided to die one day when it was actually cold out and on the weekend. My girlfriend called and told them what happened and they sent one of the owners out that night to take a look. I needed a new motor and flame sensor. He got it working and Luckily it was under warranty so we just had to pay for the install of the new parts. A guy came Monday and installed the parts in like 30 mins. I highly recommend them.

Kiro M.

Got in touch with Affordable Heating and Cooling for a hot water heater install. They had no problem installing my own water heater that I bought which is almost impossible to find anyone that is willing to do unless you buy their own tank at inflated prices these days. If you do end up buying from them their prices are very reasonable from what I was quoted. They immediately set me up with an appointment the same day and the price I was given for the install was excellent. They had two guys come to install the tank and change out the venting which I thought was great. The guys came right on time within a few hours of scheduling the appointment and were very friendly, professional, and personable. They did a great job installing the new tank. We live in a day and age where finding good affordable honest service seems to be impossible to find. The team at Affordable Heating and Cooling restored my faith that there are still companies that exist that actually try to help people out during stressful equipment failures at a very fair price. I will definitely call this company again when I need any kind of service done in the future. Thanks for the great service to all involved!

Mark S.

It is nice to deal with professionals who take pride in their work and communicate effectively. Hard to come by lately. Quality workmanship for a reasonable price.