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How Much Does It Cost To Repair The HVAC Unit?

A working AC is something that people, particularly in summer, take for granted. Sadly, the air conditioning units always seem to break at the worst possible time. It is essential to find the right HVAC Company Near Me to fix the AC quickly.

Central air repair costs vary according to the price and number of hours to fix the need for replacement. These are some of the problems that occur in HVAC systems and the average professional HVAC service costs.

  • Home AC Charging

Depending on the size of the AC, a home reload costs an average of $100 to $350. AC coolant charging can cost up to $700 or more for more extensive or dual units. Warm air, noises, ice buildup at the exterior, and higher electric bills are signs that a coolant refill may be necessary.

  • AC Compressor Repair

The compressor converts the liquid gas to cold air to cool home for a few hours. Any repair related to the compressor costs $100 to $250 for hard starting kits for the air conditioning compressor repair.

  • Freon Leak Repair

AC freon leak repair costs $300 to $1,500 for testing, finding, and fixing the gas leak. AC leak detection cost depends on where the leak is and how serious it is, the age of the unit, and the rate of labor.

  • Air Handler Repair

The average cost of replacing an air handler for materials and installations is $1,000 to $3,500. Controllers connect air conditioning or heat pumps for hot and cold air circulation.

  • AC Capacitor Repair

It costs $120 to $150 to replace the AC condenser on average. The AC condenser price list isn’t accurate, as it cost between $10 and $23. The repair could take up to $400 if you decide to buy an original or branded part.

  • AC Evaporator Repair

The average cost of replacing the AC evaporator is from $675 to $1,300. The evaporator coil is likely to be frozen if your AC unit is frosty. The replacement of an air conditioner evaporator bob will take 2-4 hours for an HVAC technician.

  • Evaporator Coil Leak Repair

Repairing costs $1,300 to $2,000 for an AC coil leak evaporator. Acids form and stick to the spiral, which causes slow leaks.

  • AC Fan Engine Repair

AC fan replacement unit costs between $225 and $700 to repair. The fan motor is essential to blow your home cold air.

  • AC Duct Repair

The average repair cost for AC duct repairs is between $200 and $700. The poor ductwork makes it harder to work with more unsatisfactory results for your system.

  • Flush Drain Repair

The repairing of a flush line costs between $75 and $250. The surrounding air can obstruct the drain with dirt, small leaves, and waste.

You don’t have to wait before the inevitable happens if your AC needs to be repaired. If you are searching for HVAC Repair Near Me, we offer AC repair at a reasonable cost. Call us at 519-966-9960.