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Air Conditioning Troubleshooting: 9 Common Problems & Solutions

The use of air conditioners has become a vital part of our daily lives, particularly in locations that experience harsh temperatures during the summer or winter. When an air conditioner breaks down, we must deal with the heat and possibly a high repair bill.

Nine Common HVAC Issues And Troubleshooting Ideas

Here are nine typical air conditioner problems and tips to help you troubleshoot and prolong its life.

  • Running AC: The air conditioner should operate more regularly in warmer conditions yet still shut off. In this case, try turning off the fan on the thermostat to see if that turns off the AC. If not, you should talk to an HVAC technician for an air conditioning repair service in Lasalle.

  • There Is No Cold Air: Most of the time, the reason for this problem can be a circuit breaker that has tripped. The blower belt could also be worn and need to be replaced. Low levels of refrigerant can also make it hard to cool. You can avoid this problem with regular maintenance, so it’s best to let your trusted AC company handle it.

  • Leakage: Both water and refrigerant can leak from your air conditioner. Condensation on the outside of the air conditioner is normal, but if you see brightly colored stains near the unit or water leaking inside your home, that means there is a bigger problem.

  • Short Cycling: It can happen when the air filter, evaporator, or condenser unit is dirty or clogged. It can hurt your compressor in a big way. Cleaning your system will fix a filthy air filter or a blocked condenser unit.

  • Freezing System: If you see ice forming on the AC coil or copper line set, the system is working too hard to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Have an air conditioning company in Windsor look for blocks in the blower fan, the ducts, and the condenser.

  • Problem With Air Ducts: Blockages of cold air intake systems are a simple reason air ducts can leak. Check your air ducts for holes. Caulk or duct tape are quick solutions, but you should have a pro to fix the problem.

  • Thermostat Issues: Dust and rust buildup or dead batteries could cause a thermostat to malfunction. Loose screws or cables can compromise the thermostat’s operation. An incorrect calibration can also cause a broken thermostat.

  • Faulty Compressor: Compressors assist refrigerants in exchanging heat and adjusting AC pressure. Lack of maintenance can cause dirty coils, refrigerant variations, and compressor failure. Call an AC service to fix this issue.

  • Circuit Trip: Poor AC installation is one reason for this problem. Hiring the cheapest handyman to put in your air conditioner is not a good idea. It will happen if the circuit breaker or wiring isn’t strong enough for the output of the HVAC unit.

Contact The Heating And Cooling Experts.

If you are dealing with any of the above AC problems, give Affordable Heating and Cooling a call. Our experts will visit your house, inspect the unit, and suggest the best possible solution. Contact us if you are looking for an air conditioning company in Windsor.