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10 Of The Most Common Central Air Conditioner Problems

It can be very uncomfortable for many homeowners to spend a day without an air conditioner during the hot summers. Therefore, it is better to prepare your AC before the summer season starts to avoid any breakdown in the middle of a hot day.

There are many reasons why your AC malfunctions, so instead of struggling yourself, call an air conditioning company in Windsor, and let the professionals handle your system.

Learn About The Most Common Problems That Occur With Your Air Conditioner

  • Dirty Filters: The most common AC problem is a dirty or clogged filter. Always follow the manufacturer’s suggestions while changing the air filters regularly. Dirty filters can reduce your unit’s airflow, leading to problems like freezing up AC parts and inefficiency. 

  • Clogged Drains: The moisture removed from the air by your AC goes down a drain. The water can go back into the system if any clog is present. It will lead to leaks in walls and ceilings and even cause mold growth. 

  • Faulty Thermostat: The AC isn’t always the problem. Sometimes, it can be the thermostat. So if your AC is behaving strangely, check your thermostat and get it repaired if necessary.

  • Leaky Ducts: The ducts carry the cool around your home through the walls. Sometimes rodents or construction accidents can cause leaky ducts and lead to waste of cool air and high energy bills.

  • Worn Out Contactor: A contactor is an electrical connection on the blower, condenser fan motor, and compressor. And if this component is damaged, it will become difficult to start the AC.

  • Breakers, Capacitors, and Fuses: The capacitors activate and provide energy to keep the motors running while breakers and fuses protect the air conditioning unit from overheating. When the motor dies, the first thing to check is the breakers. 

  • Low Refrigerant: The refrigerant removes the heat and humidity from the air in your home. If any refrigerant leaks are present, it can significantly reduce the efficiency of your system, and the temperature will fluctuate. To fix this, you will need an expert from an HVAC company near Windsor.

  • Malfunctioning Compressor: To cool the air, your compressor pushes the refrigerant through the system. With constant use, the compressor may start to wear out, and if the refrigerant levels fall too low, it can also damage the compressor. 

  • Worn Out Coils: Condenser coils operate with the compressor outside, while the evaporator coils push the cool air into the home. Both these coils can become dirty or eroded over time. You should clean the outside coils using a hose routinely.  

  • Fan Issues: Fans are integral to your AC, enabling airflow through the cooling system. One fan blows the indoor air over the evaporator, while the other blows air through the condenser to expel heat outside. A faulty motor can reduce airflow, inefficiency, and compressor failure.


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